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Raffaella Bianchi, PhD

Research Fellow in International Relations, Politics and History


My research on the Mediterranean area focuses in music and International Relations; narratives of migration; social movements and opera and nationalism.

I was awarded a PhD from the Department of Politics, History and International Relations of Loughborough University with a thesis entitled: The Political Role of La Scala in the Risorgimento: Hegemony and Subversion (1814-1848).

I further this research comparing the role of opera in the identity construction of Italy and Turkey, and published an article on this topic. This opened up possibilities of working in Turkey and immediately after completing my PhD, I moved to Southern Turkey (Zirve University, Gaziantep) and then to Istanbul (Suleyman Sah University) where I worked as Assistant Professor in Political Science for five years.

I conducted research on the role of music in constructing the collective identity of Gezi Park movement (Occupy Movement in Istanbul). I left Istanbul because of the lack of freedom of speech and worked as Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Politics and IR at The University of Westminster.

Currently, I am Research Fellow at REDESM International Research Centre in Religion, Law and Economy in the Mediterranean Area.



Radio Interviews:


I am an editor of the journal of migration literature El-Ghibli.